We believe that the most important product we can provide is our service!

This combined range of CPAP pumps and masks is extensive and we have found through experience that there is a suitable combination of CPAP pump and mask for virtually everyone. We also supply other brands of CPAP items including chinstraps and mask liners.

The purchase of a CPAP pump or mask is a significant purchase. Personalised fitting and instruction is a must to ensure the correct selection and promote confidence to use it effectively. For those new to CPAP therapy, support and expertise are essential when acclimatising to CPAP therapy. We also stock an extensive range of filters, humidifier chambers and parts for new and old masks.

Purchasing sleep apnoea equipment is best done in person with consultation from an experienced CPAP Therapist. We also understand that you may have a busy schedule and may not be able to do this. If you are currently using CPAP therapy and are looking to replace items, view products in more detail or wish to purchase online please
contact us.

Ask about our "Try Before You Buy" hire option. Please call us on 1300 650 752 or contact us

MCS is always on the lookout our for innovative light therapy products backed by strong scientific evidence indicating that they offer benefits for those who use them.

We have had great success with Luminette® and now the Luminette2®

Health issues such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) known as the “winter blues” can be complex and we recommend consultation with a health professional such as a Psychologist with expertise in sleep disorders. We are referred patients from many such psychologists and Physicians for our light therapy products.

Our therapists can demonstrate and provide information about the use of our light therapy devices and it’s the best way to purchase our products. Alternatively, if you would like to look at these products in more detail or wish to purchase online please contact us.

MCS recommends that if someone who snores to an extent where they need to seek products for it should consider assessment for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea.

There are simple questionnaires available which will help expose any underlying health issues. If snoring is the only issue, positional devices such as the Remetee Bumper belt and the BuzzPOD can reduce snoring markedly by keeping the snorer on his or her side. The Snorers’ Friend can reduce snoring by bringing the jaw forward and is an economical way to see if a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAS) would be tolerated.

MCS Therapists can offer more information and demonstrate how our snoring products work and we recommend that a consultation is made for this reason. If you wish to look at the products in more detail or wish to purchase online please contact us.

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