Mask Fitting Consultation

Anyone who has slept with a CPAP mask on would agree that getting the right mask and the correct fit is essential for comfort and compliance with what can sometimes be a disruptive and upsetting therapy. The difference between a satisfying nights sleep and a night of endless distruption may be something as simple as the wrong size cushion or incorrect headgear tension.

Over the years, the range of CPAP masks has grown with new developments, such as the pillows type masks and new brands entering the market. MCS now has over 30 different CPAP mask models in several sizes with some available in “his or hers” colours and fit. It is easy to be overwhelmed by choice when given more than 100 different mask models, sizes and types.

  • How do you know which mask is suitable for your needs?
  • Do you have the correct size?
  • How do you adjust the mask to enable the best fit?
  • What do you do if the mask causes irritation?
  • What parts are available and replaceable?

A free mask fitting consultation is included with each mask purchased at an MCS outlet to ensure that the best possible mask is chosen and guidance is given for cleaning, maintenance and parts replacement. Contact your closest outlet as an appointment may be necessary.

Purchasing Online Equipment

If you are replacing a mask and know exactly which mask you require and the size, click here for online equipment sales.

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