Dental or Mandibular Advancement Splints (MAS)

A MAS, worn during sleep, reduces the severity of snoring and apnoeas by holding the jaw forward in relation to the upper teeth. The base of the tongue is moved forward reducing the pressure on the airway space. The MAS is adjusted, to reduce the severity and incidence of snoring and apnoeas.

The MAS may not be suitable for everyone as there are limitations on how far the jaw can be comfortably pulled forward without causing pain in muscles and the joint between the jaw and skull. There can also be problems where teeth are missing or unhealthy. In some people, bringing the jaw forward may not create enough space to reduce the snoring or apnoeas. A sleep study should be done while using the MAS to assess its effectiveness. These types of MAS devices are durable and supplied by specialised Dentists who have training in fitting and adjusting them.

If snoring is present without OSA there are cheaper “boil and bite” self fitting products available which may help. These can be a cheap and easy way to see if MAS would be tolerated. For some people it may be easier to use such a device during air travel rather than a CPAP machine.

For long term use it is recommended that a Dentist fitted device be used.

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