Your first time commencing CPAP Therapy

Initial CPAP consult and set up (60-90 min) including:
  • Introduction to CPAP Therapy
  • Personalised mask fitting
  • Provision of support materials
  • Trial of mask at therapeutic pressure
  • Pump demonstration and operation
  • Pump set with prescribed pressure
  • Pump cleaning and maintenance instruction
  • Mask cleaning and maintenance instruction
  • Mask education including safety features and adjustment

MCS recommends that the bed partner should be present for this session to foster support and understanding with those close to the client. Masks may also be hired* if your physician feels that you may not be suitable for ongoing CPAP treatment.

CPAP Acclimatisation period

  • One month trial period (may be extended if required)
  • Weekly progress follow-up by phone or consultation included
  • Discussion and resolving of common issues with the therapy
  • Data download and interpretation for compliance or problem solving
  • Report provided or sent to your Physician regarding progress

Your therapist may liaise with your physician if required to resolve any aspects of your tolerance or compliance with the prescribed therapy. The trial fee is subtracted from CPAP equipment purchased,* thus allowing you to be confident with the therapy before making a significant purchase.

Ongoing Support

Your therapist will contact you at two, three, six and twelve months after commencing CPAP therapy to offer any suggestions or help you may require to maintain effective compliance with the therapy.

If you are using the equipment effectively, you are getting the health benefits from the therapy. Sometimes it's all too easy to forget what life was like before you saw your doctor and sleep apnea was diagnosed. MCS also distributes a regular CPAP Newsletter, keeping you up to date with new developments and products.

*Charges, terms and conditions may apply. Hire masks not available at all sites.

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